mTikka is an electronic, cloud- based system for infant registration, vaccination recordkeeping, incentivization, and survey of vaccination beliefs. mTikka will focus on the poorest and hardest to reach segments of the population, helping to identify (in real-time) regions where vaccine coverage is limited, and to permit community-based, targeted interventions that will increase the reach of immunizations. Vaccine workers (VWs) will use the mTikka application loaded on low-cost smart phones to register an infant at birth. mTikka will then generate an automated vaccination and reminder schedule, customized to the infant's birth date, to ensure timely vaccination. Due to its location on the cloud database, the infant's vaccination status can be accessed anytime and anywhere, by scanning a unique barcode assigned to each infant. Parents who own cell phones will be able to monitor and receive reminders about the vaccination status of their infants and will receive cash incentives for the timely completion of the prescribed vaccination schedule by the infant's first birthday. The smart phone interface will also be leveraged for presenting educational modules pertaining to vaccine effectiveness to parents.

PI Contact: Alain Labrique,