Internship Opportunities

GmI has advocated for students to work with Johns Hopkins faculty and external organizations for their practicum and internship experiences.

Unless otherwise specified, please contact Dr. Alain Labrique to apply.



JSI Center for mHealth

JSI Center for mHealth, between now and April, is looking for an intern to assist them in conducting an evaluation of the cStock system they been running under a Gates-funded project in Malawi for the last year. cStock is an SMS system that 800+ community health workers are using to regularly report information about the supply levels of the medicines they stock (see more info here). Some of the possible activities for an intern include:

-Provide input on FGD guide and analysis plan for material related to cStock (lower priority, needs to be done Dec/Jan)
-Conduct secondary analysis and write up of FGD transcripts related to cStock (evaluation partner will do the primary analysis) (Feb/Mar)
-Split forms (quant) work with analyst 1 - where analyst 1 focuses on core indicators across all three groups and EM/EPT indicators, and analyst 2 focuses on cStock data quality tests, data visibility indicators in particular, helping tease out cStock results from EM/EPT (Feb/Mar)
-Create graphics or infographics to describe cStock's impact (Mar/April)
-Help write up/co-author and publish mhealth specific results (Mar/April)

Please apply If you would be interested in some/all of these tasks.






Maternal Concept Lab-Partners In Health Fellowship


The Maternal Concept Lab (MCL) is looking for a qualified summer fellow to work with our partner organizations to analyze maternal-child health (MCH) content (e.g. clinical forms, protocols, reports, indicators, etc.), to build a core dataset of MCH terminology and indicators, and to compare to international best practices. The ideal candidate will have a clinical background--preferably OBGYN, midwifery or similar field--with an interest in standards of care and informatics.


This is a paid summer fellowship based in Boston, MA, although applicants based outside of Boston will be considered. Start date is as soon as possible. Send questions and resumes/CVs to Jonathan Payne at


Project Background

The Maternal Concept Lab (MCL) has partnered with the mHealth Alliance and Partners In Health to work with three Innovation Working Group (IWG) partners—Dimagi Inc., Grameen Foundation and the Rwanda Ministry of Health—to develop standardized terminologies that enable benchmarking and maximize the value of shared knowledge and components across several maternal-child health projects. These projects all utilize mobile health--or mhealth--to improve frontline worker (FLW) effectiveness in parts of Ghana, India and Rwanda and are being funded by IWG to scale regionally or nationally. MCL's work will support project operations, bolster evaluation, and promote interoperability with national level systems.




mPower Health is a for-profit mobile health social enterprise founded originally by international development and

business students from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Their mission is to bring affordable and quality health services to under-served communities, by enabling the creation of proactive and self-sustaining health systems driven by mobile technologies, community-level entrepreneurship, and value-based

partnerships.They have been implementing mHealth projects in Africa, South Asia, and the Americas, enabling

patients to access quality medical treatment in areas where there is little or no access to doctors.


This placement is available to students at Johns Hopkins University as part of the Global Field Placement program. For more information or to apply, please see the website.



Directorate of MIS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Management Information System (MIS-Health) of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently received a United Nations ICT Award for its accomplishments in developing and implementing e- and m-health strategies for the national health system. The student intern would be embedded within the Directorate of MIS, to assist with necessary research and analysis for formal briefings and reviews of m- and e-health activities. This internship would be a great opportunity for individuals looking to be exposed to a dynamic government agency, in the field of m- and e-health, working under close collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh. We are looking for candidates who are: Self-motivated, pro-active, dynamic and creative. The intern will be primarily based in Dhaka with frequent visits to field sites in Bangladesh. Duration: 2-6months. Start and end dates are flexible.



Medic Mobile Hope Foundation Fellows

Medic Mobile is once again soliciting applications for their fellowship program, this time to head to south Bangladesh to help implement an SMS-based antenatal care reminder system. The fellowship, which requires being in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh throughout the summer (starting as early as April, or as late as May), consists of working with patients, clinic staff, health workers, and the Hope Foundation on the ground to get this system implemented and a formal study going. We will be taking on one, possibly two, fellows and will conduct interviews in February or March. APPLICATION DEADLINE FEBRUARY 20TH, 2012.




Interactive Research and Development (IRD)

The internship will be at Interactive Research and Development (IRD), a not-for-profit public health organization based in Karachi, Pakistan. It is headed by Dr. Aamir Khan, an Associate in International Health. The intern will evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing mHealth technologies as the primary data management system across multiple projects. Additionally, the intern will estimate the cost of running the same projects on a paper-based system and compare this to the cost of an mHealth system. A formal report and presentation will be required. The internship is based in Karachi, Pakistan and will be of the duration of approx. 8 months.




WHO Dept of Reproductive Health and Research