mHealth 101

What is mHealth?

mHealth, a new domain of public health research, is defined as the use of mobile information and communication technologies to leverage health outcomes. Through mHealth, mobile technologies can be used to enhance access to health information, improve the distribution of routine and emergency health services, support and streamline data collection and surveillance, or provide diagnostic services. As an ubiquitous device in communities across the globe, the mobile phone is allowing us to identify new ways to connect people, compress time between crises and care, and to create new opportunities for health interventions in even the most remote settings. mHealth is, by nature, diverse and transdisciplinary, and can range from the use of mobile devices to collect data to the delivery of information to frontline workers and patients, to realtime or remote monitoring of patients and telemedicine.


Global mHealth: An Overview of Mobile Innovation and Evidence

Top mHealth Resources 


Journal of Medical Internet Research is the leading peer-reviewed eHealth/mHealth journal ranked first in Medical Informatics and second in Health Sciences

The American Health Information Management Association has created a community dedicated to quality healthcare through quality information

Telemedicine and eHealth offers timely coverage of the new advances in managing patient care and electronic medical records systems.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting better healthcare and information management systems

Improving the Evidence for Mobile Health is a paper by GSMA that gives the evidence-based arguement for mHealth